Use Cases

Our software can be deployed for your business in several ways. Explore below for a few examples of where we've helped businesses with their challenges. Have an idea? then let us know and we will make it work!

Use Cases

Professional Sport

Getting ahead on the commercial front in sport is now greater than ever. More and more venues are offering competing products and services. Making a first impression on a prospect or fan has never been more important. See some of our common use-cases within sport.

Sponsorship / Partnerships Proposals

Quickly create engaging presentations with personalised video messages and automatically add the client logo to high-res imagery to showcase available branding positions. Allowing for rapid turnaround.

Matchday Hospitality / Annual boxes

Showcase your best hospitality with a personalised proposal, allowing videos and walkthroughs of the space. Send them only the information for the matches and suites they want for a great start to their experience.

Kit Launches

Start the season with a splash by sending your clients unique links to their own personalised landing page, showcasing your teams latest merchandise selected just for them.

Membership Renewals

Secure your most valuable clients and send them accurate upsells with a personalised landing page. Upload data via Excel / CSV and receive a list of links to send via e-mail to provide a personalised experience.

Use Cases

B2B Businesses

Business is more competitive than ever, every lead counts and you need to make sure your sales teams are delivering incredible sales material, whilst having it take as little time as possible so they can find more leads. See some of our use cases below for how we can help change your business.

Sales Proposals

Our bread and butter, quickly send out Proposals from pre-made templates bespoke to your business. Engage with imagery and videos, utilise pricing calculators and track opens with our core system.

Marketing Campaigns

Send Proposals on mass directly to your database, personalised via Excel / CSV and sent via your E-mail client providing an effective way of getting back in touch with your clients.

Landing Pages

Pair your next Marketing campaign with personalised landing pages for your clients so they can explore your product portfolio whilst getting the personal touch. Personalised enquiry forms will make it easier for them to engage.

User Manuals

Streamline your aftercare by sending customers manuals and technical sheets specifically for the products they've purchased. Make changes to a single source so clients are always pulling the most up to date information.

Use Cases


Purchasing a car is a rare experience for most buyers, they want to be made to feel special throughout the whole process. That means delivering accurate information, while making the experience as slick and personalised as possible. Standard brochures don't cut it anymore as they lack the punch of a fully web-based environment to showcase the amazing rich content available.

Product Launches

Launching a new car is a big moment for any brand, make sure your customers get the best experience by utilising car builders, personalised video and direct communication with their nearest dealer.

Digital Brochures

Allow your sales reps to personalise your digital proposals with the cars and offers they've enquired about. Change the deck based on the type of client enquiring, be it corporate or a family buyer.


Follow up a purchase with personalised upsells and additional services available from local dealerships.

In-store Campaigns

Allow customers to engage with your digital brochure in-store on iPads and touch screens to ensure a fully immersive experience.

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